In one of their early appearances in context, the First Table and the First Side Table make a convincing case as Apartment V01 living room’s visual and geometric centerpieces.

The V01 apartment interior design project by the Bulgarian studio dontDIY is a careful meetup of old-school and contemporary. Almost's pieces enter a cosy yet contemporary eclectic mixture of furnishings along with a trendy Scandinavian sofa, a classic black rotating Jean Prouvé Vitra lighting fixture and a pair of boho chic reclaimed armchairs.



Sitting side by side in the recessed floor living room area, the First Side Tables become a twofold statement piece – their distinct geometry alluding to Escher’s visual illusions adding an edge to the soft-textured sitting zone.

Inspired by truss structures in engineering, the First Table quite literally takes the stage in the higher level of the living room and continues the visual conundrum theme set up by the side tables.

The light silhouette and simple material of the plywood pieces by Almost communicate unassumingly with the specific blend of design and finishes in the apartment and allow them to blend seamlessly into the setting.
The V01 Apartment project by dontDIY was published in the online edition of FRAME magazine.

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