We were very excited by the perspective of adding a chair to our collection. The process started with a two-month research period. We developed a great amount of ideas while looking for the right one. In the end, we chose a very challenging approach, mainly because it was so different from anything we had done.







We wanted to try something archetypal but at the same time contemporary and fresh. We started with the firm intention to avoid compromising any of the design's aspects. We believe in design that doesn't sacrifice neither functionality nor endurance in the name of aesthetics. Our chair had to be both comfortable and sure-footed. We wanted it to have the bespoke quality of traditional craftsmanship combined with the opportunities of present-day technology.











An elegant interpretation of the classic armchair, the 4th Armchair had to bring to the table its own unique and distinct identity. A great inspiration for the silhouette was the intense rhythm of footing, pause, and roof curve in Japanese pagodas. We experimented a lot with the seat-back configuration, looking for the most interesting interplay between the two forms.







The two parts of the seat are made out of form pressed plywood using two different molds for the curves. The biggest technological challenge was to find the most discrete way to piece them together without the use of visible screws. An adaptable lathe machine was used for the complex profile of the legs. All of these technological tasks were solved thanks to our producer's great industrial experience and technological expertise. 





















All in all, we are quite happy with the 4th Armchair and we are already working on variations such as upholstery and other types of wood finishes. We are looking forward to adding more members to the chair family in our collection.