Almost is about dynamics and potential.  A state of imminent culmination, when the outcome is almost tangible, yet possibilities are still at hand. A state free of the rigidity and constraints of conclusion. A state of vigor and anticipation. A state when it is all just a matter of time.









Great design is unexpected but always on point.



We are always excited by and truly committed to bold, thoughtful and affordable design. We believe that great design has to convey authentic identity while adjusting to the one of its owner. It has to refine everyday life with new or improved functionalities while respectfully preserving routines and habits.












Creating design is both a great privilege and an enormous responsibility. It is an extremely complex and demanding yet greatly satisfying and invigorating process. We try our hardest to take every step of it with great caution and precision – from conception, through functionality and aesthetics, to the final details.








We love combining simple but exciting ideas with the charm and beauty of traditional craftsmanship. We love honest materials that reveal their inner qualities and add unique value to a product.








Playful but responsible, our work aims at solving real problems. We believe that this is what it takes to create a great design piece. A piece that becomes a part of your life, but never stops astonishing you. A piece that bonds with you and ages with grace.